Current Lab Members
J.D. Willson

J.D. Willson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Arkansas
Chelsea Kross
PhD Student

Chelsea is studying conservation of Crawfish Frogs and other prairie- associated herpetofauna in Arkansas
Meredith Swartwout
PhD Student

Meredith is studying invertebrate nest predators as drivers of reptile declines
Ethan Royal
PhD Student

Ethan is studying conservation of open pine-associated herpetofauna in managed forests
Ethan Hollender
PhD Student

Ethan is studying population biology of Western Chicken Turtles in Oklahoma
Mitchell Pruitt
PhD Student

Mitchell is studying irruptive and migratory movements of owls
Hannah Warner
Undergraduate Honors Student

Hannah is studying the use of detector dogs to study box turtles
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Lab Alumni
Jen Mortensen
Postdoctoral Researcher (2016-2019)

Jen is working on road-based density estimation and Burmese python research
Jenna Robinson
BS Honors - 2019

Jenna studied diet of invasive seal salamanders in Arkansas
Bailey Singleton
BS Honors 2019

Bailey studied evaporative water loss of semi-aquatic snakes in Arkansas
Jackie Guzy
PhD 2019

Jackie studied conservation of stream-associated herpetofauna in managed forests
Kelly Halloran
MS 2017

Kelly studied stream salamander responses to harvest in managed forests.
Alex Baecher
Undergraduate Researcher

Alex studied prairie herp communities in Arkansas
Clint Bush
Undergraduate Researcher

Clint studied invasive Seal Salamanders in Arkansas
Phil Vogrinc
MS 2017

Phil studied semi-aquatic snake communities in South Carolina
Logan Estes
Undergraduate Researcher

Logan studied the effects of exotic vegetation on Crawfish Frog development
Kate Walker
MS 2015

Kate studied the effects of pollutants on amphibian development
Stephanie Chin
Undergraduate Researcher - Virginia Tech

Stephanie studied maternal transfer of mercury in watersnakes
David Drewett
Undergraduate Researcher - Virginia Tech

David studied mercury bioaccumulation in snakes
Andrew Durso
REU student - SREL

Andrew studied semi-aquatic snake communities in South Carolina
Evan Eskew
High School Student Researcher - SREL

Evan studied behavior of Cottonmouths in isolated wetlands
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